Our Philosophy

We think about the next generation
As a 7th generation family business we naturally think about the next generation. That is why we offer our customers sustainable solutions that meet the latest quality and safety standards. In our own research and application labs our highly qualified chemists and leather technicians continuously search for quality improvements and environmentally friendly innovations that support the sustainability of our customer’s business. We believe that their future is our future.

Our philosophy on oils
For the leather industry we use, besides others, various types of oils and lecithin. We carefully select these oils and fats for their excellent post-tanning properties and other performance properties like color and heat durability. At the same time we carefully consider the sustainability of the oils and minimize the environmental impact of transportation distances.

Our philosophy on fish oil
Because of the specific characteristics of fish oil, it is historically an important component in the fat liquors used by the leather industry, also at Smit & zoon. In general, fish oil is considered a sustainable raw material. We do not use any fish oil coming from endangered fish species.

A major type of fish oil used for our post-tanning products is salmon oil that is produced from cultivated salmon offal; these oils are sourced in Europe. All the other fish oil used for our post-tanning products is made from offal from wild fish (e.g. tobis, mackerel, herring and codfish) caught for human consumption and under approved fishing quota in the European waters. We have chosen to use fish oils caught in areas near our production facility in the Netherlands to minimize the environmental impact of transportation.

Our philosophy on vegetable oils
We use vegetable oil from several oil-seeds, the main ones being rapeseed and sunflower. These are grown and sourced in the European region and are therefore not contributing to deforestation.

Our philosophy on transporting powders versus liquids
We offer certain products in different physical form, e.g. liquid and powder. Our products are often produced in liquid form and spray-dried to powder. Supplying powder products avoids the shipping of water all over the world, thus minimizing the environmental impact of transportation.

Certain industries require liquid products for e.g. automated dosage systems. In this case it is interesting to calculate where the breakeven point is in the carbon footprint of shipping spray dried powders versus liquid products.

Our Philosophy

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