We are convinced that we can have most impact on the footprint in the leather value chain by a focusing on Water and Waste.
Although a substantial part of the water consumption in leather production is in the beamhouse process, using simplicity in the wet-end process can mean an important water reduction.

Tanneries consume huge amounts of water in their processes – up to 30 m3 per ton of raw hide in a standard tanning process (source: EU- BREF, 2013). Our focus is on reducing the quantity of water used in the wet-end process through our simplicity process.

Just as important to us is ensuring we are improving the uptake of chemicals instead of shifting the efforts to clean the water to the effluent treatment plant.  Our Research team is dedicated in finding sustainable solutions for clean water.

Another focus area within our CSR approach is the focus on clearing waste from the leather value chain. Together with our suppliers and customers we look for efficiencies, no matter how small they are. This ranges from re-using packaging to preventing spills in our factories and from focusing on functional ingredients to improving cutting yields for tanneries.


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