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Collaborate to catalyse

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” says a famous African proverb. At this moment, the leather value chain is at a crucial point in making the choice to either go fast or far."
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Innovative, high quality and safe retanning specialties
Smit & zoon takes pride in its Safetan brand. This brand reflects a group of innovative, high-quality and safe re-tanning specialties.
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Safe use of chemicals

Workshops for our agents
Each year a team with representatives from Smit & zoon Wet-end and Smit & zoon Finishing organizes workshops for our agents in countries like Turkey, India and Bangladesh to create greater awareness of the safe use of chemicals. 

Tannery of the future

To create a future-proof, socially responsible industry
In the West, there is a rising demand for high-quality products made in conditions that are good for the environment and for people. This is putting pressure on tanneries to create a future-proof, socially responsible industry, and to work towards becoming so-called ´Tanneries of the Future´.

Product passport

An overview of a product’s individual properties
Continuous improvements to our products are needed to minimize our footprint within the leather value chain. Therefore, we are currently creating a Product Passport for many of our Wet-end products.
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Shorter tannery processes providing high-quality leather while saving water and energy
In 2013, Smit & zoon Wet-end introduced the Simplicity concept. Simplicity means: shorter tannery processes providing attractive, high-quality leather while saving water and energy. Although each tannery uses different processes, the Simplicity approach can be used in any tannery and tailored to its operating methods.
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